March 6, 2015


Yes, he looks a little scary, but he's a gamer.  Just recently he got his braces and has been smiling ever since.  This photo was shot in a dark closet, using a flashlight as the light source.
Photo taken January 15, 2015

March 5, 2015

Blogging AGAIN....

This is something that I really need to do... Wow, one year since posting!!!! I'm such a bad blogger. So for warm ups, I'm going start rummaging through archives publishing the first photo of the day that moves me. I hate writing, so little to no words will be used. Photos are worth a 1000 words, right?
Photo taken August 3, 2013

March 6, 2014

Friday Feature with PhotoBiz!!!

While visiting all my vendors at ImagingUSA this year, ramping up on everything NEW and upcoming, I had a nice chat with my friends (Vance) at PhotoBiz.  Not only did I manage to help them get a couple of sales while at their booth (namely one that was outstanding!!! - Diane Costello Photography), but Vance wanted to feature my work on a new and upcoming web design created by extradinaire, Chelsea... honored, truly honored.

Introducing their NEW FEATURE FRIDAY!

And the NEW Manilla Bay HTML 5 website design.

And a little bit "About Me".  Oh I LOVE how Chelsea totally out did herself using the custom html feature!!!

January 27, 2014

my interview with Jan...

I just realized that I never posted this wonderful interview that I had with Jan Schmidt of Tomato Baby Lifestyle Photography.  We met on Facebook being attracted by a common last name (in case many of you did not know, my maiden name is Schmidt).  It took me awhile to come up with something logical to say, but Jan did a splendid job of putting in the spot light...  enjoy!!

Click the link to view the interview:  MY INTERVIEW WITH JAN.

february mini sessions

September 6, 2013

a little of Groton today...

I was asked by my mom-in-law to take photos for the Groton Women's Club of MA time capsule.  Groton, founded in 1655, has a population of 10,873 (2012 Town Census) and is located in the Nashoba Valley area in northwestern Middlesex County. The town is governed by Town Meeting. With an area of 32.54 square miles, Groton is the largest town in Middlesex County. There are 106 miles of plowed or maintained roads within the town. Town Hall is 320 feet above sea level and the highest elevation is at Chestnut Hills at 516 feet above sea level.  Here are just some of the photos that were taken (All images are copyright of Denise Marie Olson).  More about Groton's history can be read HERE.

Groton Town Hall

Groton Historical Society

Groton Main Street

The Parker House

Groton Public Library

First Parish Meeting House
Built 1755

September 4, 2013

summer adventures at the lake...

This summer I had the opportunity to photograph a family wait....four generations of family up at Keuka Lake.  The little man was the highlight of my session...2 years old and ready to go!!!  And his big sister who has her hands full helping mom, but enjoyed posing for the camera.  The session was full of adventure capturing the family's moments at their cottage on the lake.  I even got a bonus!!  A boat ride up and down the lake!!!  Now if only I had a water housing for my camera..... enjoy the session!!  And here's to summers up at the lake!!
Got in some water the rain.  Loved it!!!

Four Generations of Family

We even had sisters and aunts visiting for the weekend.

Good day sunshine!!!  Feeding the ducks Duncun donuts.

Meet "little man"....  what a ham!!! Loves to drive.  He did great for the camera.

Meet "big sis".... full of life and loves to dance!

Meet mom - aspiring writer, teacher, mom, wife, gorgeous....

Meet dad - dock builder on Keuka Lake (you know those glorious boat houses on the lake), wonderful dad and husband, loves to drive water transportation.

August 20, 2013

holidays with the family

The holidays are right around the corner and have you thought about your holiday session yet?  Session dates are being assigned now, and due to the busy football season that I'm so excited for, availability will be limited.  Check out my calendar on my website at (select "portraits" to get to my website...) and don't forget to sign up for my eNews, for updated information on promos and just chat.
Featured below is the Mower family.  Dan was our realtor when buying our first home in Corning.  Check out his listings HERE.  We went out on an adventure around Keuka Lake....even got to snap a few while the kids were sleeping....had an early dinner and headed back.  What a grande day.  We even got snow!!!

Photos taken last Fall on Keuka Lake 2012...

circa april 7th 2011

just doing some archiving and found this one of Grampy with kids at our house in Pleasanton.

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