September 16, 2007

Female Steelers Fans!! We Rock!!

Nothing is more fun than waking up on a Sunday morning to a cold brewsky and braut hot off the grill. That is what being a Steelers fan is all about. Well, a part of it. While living in the 'burgh, it was the way of life starting in late August during the pre-season....then the home opener...

Up at 6am to get the cooler and food ready for the tailgate party, dressed in black and gold, and out the door by 7am to get premium parking near the stadium for the tailgate party. WDVE roaring in the background. The Steeler's polka filling the air. All for the 1PM kick off. Did I mention that this same time scheme and routine occurs for the 4PM game as well?

Then game time!!! We are at the stadium with our Terrible towels in one hand, another brewsky in the other yelling, screaming, and cheering. When things go south, it gets ugly in the stands. And if you are out town, it was best to just sit quietly and enjoy the game and your stay in the 'burgh.

You win, you party more. You lose, well, there is always next week, right. The buzz is gone, so you just crash.

Not to mention, that us female Steelers fans do know a lot about football. Female Steelers Fans!!
Who loves football!! We do!! Go STEELERS!!!
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