February 20, 2008

Adding Texture to your Photos

I just love this technique. Nichole Van got me started with her Vintage actions....then her Urban actions, and now her new Retro action set. Just love them all. She also has some great textures that she created on her new website called, Flourish - an emporium for photographers.
Well, this week's homework on Photoshop Creative Elements, Kimi Boo of Kimi Kreations, demonstrates on how to apply and utilize texture on images. Many photographers utilize this technique, like Jesh de Rox, Nichole Van, Jessica Claire, Skye Hardwick, and many others!!!! Here are some that I've recently created.....and one of the textures features my stone cookie sheet (heehee...textures are everywhere!!!)

Here you can download it for a limited time. Just give me credit and the love that was demonstrated when using my cookie stone for making my cookies!! Stone Cookie Sheet Texture

Designer's Credits: Nichole Van - textures and actions, Anna Aspens - word art, Graphic Authority - overlays, and me for my stone cookie sheet texture!!!

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