April 9, 2008

life (as an artform) by Jesh de Rox

Good news, good news!!! I got in Jesh de Rox's "life (as an artform)" workshop in San Francisco!!! I'm so happy I could pee in my pants!!! Well, I have enough of that going on around here with the little ones running around. I feel like I'm having an affair with my camera and photoshop, but not really. I love my hubbie too!!! A little over a year ago when I stumbled upon a new business photographer while doing one of my many market analysis, Christine Gorczyk, I fell in love with her photography of children. Of course like me, many of the photos were of her own beautiful children. So, I had to ask her about her technique. She referred me to the actions made by Nichole Van. Well, the love just kept growing. And it was through Nichole's blog site that led me to Jesh de Rox. I now have found my true love of photography!! The style, the composition, the meaning. It was all there. Art sings!!! Jesh's texture techniques are just breath taking and to learn and to be inspired by him. Awe, life is just grande!! Well, of course, I've purchased the textures (Fine Art Textures by Jesh de Rox) and immediately started playing them. Here are some images that I've created. Now, because I'm buried amongst sports photos right now, I'll be displaying a major twist in sports photography. So far, other sports phototogs are buying into this and are giving it a try. Enjoy!!!

The photos were created using Nichole Van's Retro Action Set and Color Actions by LilyBlue in Combo with Jesh's Fine Art Textures.

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