October 29, 2008

Nanny's 90th Birthday {my backyard}

My grandmother, also notably called, "Nanny" because her real name is Annabelle and her first grandchild was not able to call her either Annabelle, Granny, or Grandma, so Nanny became her name. This summer, I ventured back to my roots in southwestern Minnesota to visit all of my family.....huge, yes....we were Catholic and lived in farmland USA. I always tease my uncle and dad because the only reason for our existence was to pick rocks and weeds from the 100s of acres of farmland that we owned. It was great to see everyone again and to see everyone grown with more and more kids!!! Kids galore, can't wait to bring the camera next year...its a great way to practice kids in motion. Any who, the weekend started with Nanny's celebration at her assisted living home. Man, these people love their cake and coffee. The few that arrived early for Nanny's weekend, came to home to help serve and entertain all of Nanny's friends. I was particularly taken by one of Nanny's "male" friends who is over 100 years old and is still charming the ladies (I guess he has a girlfriend that is 20 years younger than him:)...one of the birthday wishes that Nanny wanted was to have everyone get together every year for her birthday...so be it. My uncle Butch still has his farm, so we all ventured to the small town of Milroy to celebrated Nanny's wishes....boy, I sure do miss the farm, and the kids love it. Wouldn't you....wide open spaces to just run, run and run...enjoy!!!
and I forgot to mention, that there were many others that were not able to attend...like I said, we are a huge family!!! ... 7 aunts and uncles....they all had 3-5 kids....that got married and had another 3-5 kids....the oldest great grandbaby being Sarah who graduated last year and youngest who was just born this summer. And more on the way, and more weddings to attend!!!

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