December 23, 2008

in the mood for a New Logo...{inspirations}

I am totally inspired by all the great logos out there. [b] keeps me going man. Thank you!! I'm sitting here in dire need of a shower while the kids are sleeping and I had the greatest desire to create a brand for myself...a logo...a stance in the world of photography...and I think I'm getting really really close...what do you think?? (btw....big hugs to Stephanie...without her foliage vectors and dandelions, I would be without inspiration!!! and to Lena...I ljust LOVE pressing the GO button on these proofing borders...we need to talk about more of these!!!)..
These were photos taken while out and about in Walnut Creek looking for Santa....they opted for the water fountain instead of seeing Santa. My Kids!!! Figures!!!!

Happy Holidays!!

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