February 26, 2009

Oh baby!! you so cute!!.....

Remember Mary and Nana and their "puppy" Max Parker....I photographed their holiday/maternity session on Point Isabelle during her 8 month of pregnancy. And a month later, Baby Evie arrived...on the same day as my Maddie's birthday!!! and what a cute little muffin she is.... she keeps her mommy and daddy very busy with her wake times...as well, there was no sleep for this little one during our photoshoot. Between Max Parker wanting to kiss her (actually he just wanted keep licking the milk off of her little face), and my son Jack Jack bellowing from his room in the background we were able to acquire good documentary. So I got my baby fix, but can't wait to see her again...I'm bringing the pom pom hat again!!!

Designing / Prop Credits: Jessica Dittmer - InkPen Album pages and dandelion sketch; Design Aglow - Proofing actions; Pay It Forward Photography; lch designs - Wall Border Art; chocolate Puff Ball Hat - Kamieo's Custom Creations
; oops...and another addition: IttyBitty - Coutour Papers
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