February 12, 2009

A Tinker Party...dance of the fairies

My little girl is now four years old. sigh...... and she is quite the girlie girl. She wanted fairies for her party, so thanks to the many of talented mommies who have already hosted fairy parties, I was able to create an enchanting environment for little miss moo. There will be lots of photos, but please do enjoy!!!
Kudos to two of my photographer friends who came to help document Maddie's wonderful day.
Barbara J. Yasuhara of Weddings 9-1-1 and Nancy Porfirio of Nancy Porfirio Photography. Thank you ladies!!! It was such a crazy day....

Games we played included a tinker fairy hunt...we hid little bird eggs, shells and glass stars through the yard to the kids to find; I purchased a tin of TinkerToys for the kids to build and use their imaginations; purchased wands and flags with sticky stickers and and colored pipe cleaners to make gifts to take home. And of course we had fairy dust {I was in charge} and sprinkled magic onto all the kids.

btw, when you buy a box of rolled fondant, shouldn't it be already rolled??? Good ol' Betty Crocker came through...and watch out for Jack jack...he loves cupcakes. He kept sneaking them at the party...but after his 4th one he threw up....gosh...other than that it was a BLAST of a day!!!

some of the details...

The menu:

"Potatoe crackers with sweet thistle dip" - potatoe chips and yummy sweet vidalian onion dip
"Fairy berries with fluffy cloud dip sprinkled with nutmeg" - strawberries and dip {fluffy marshmellow dip & whipped cream cheese}
"veggies & nuts" - carrot sticks and cocktail peanuts
"flower blossom cupcakes for candle wishers" - confetti white cake cupcakes with pink frosting with flowers and pixie dust {wiltons fine silver glitter)
"grilled turtle burgers" - little ground beef burgers
"hot dogs with cheese" - those little hot dogs in the cold meat section...so cute!!
Fufu Berry Soda {made by Jones - great stuff}
"dew" - water and Pelligrino
"mice milk" - just plain cow's milk...no we didn't milk any mice...

The entire yard was planted with flowers the morning before the party. Bought a load of silk flowers from Michaels...so gorgeous!!!
Toad stools - Lowes
Twinkle lights were displayed in the trees
A bower drapped over the kids dining table...well I pinned it up in fear of wreckage - Pottery Barn Kids
Kids table and chairs - Toys r Us
Table settings - a combo of Michaels and www.butterflycraze.com...the grass mats were the cutest darn things!!!
balloons - party city
Maddie's skirt and wings - www.chasingfireflies.com
arts and crafts - Michaels
Butterflies dangled from the trees - Pottery Barn Kids
the lady bugs and bumble bee were so cute - www.butterflycraze.com
dangling fairies - Pottery Barn Kids

The gift bags were the cutest things...
I got the idea from Chasing Fireflies and their "plant a garden" product....
I purchased dirt and put into little baggies, little moss pots, and flower seeds, and a jumping rope, and personalized fairy dust with instructions:


Designing credits: Vera Lim - Fairy Garden
Design aglow - proof border actions
lch Design - Wall Border Art

Thanks ladies!!!!

More of the party photos can be viewed in the following galleries:
Photos by Nancy Porfirio
Photos by Barbara J. Yasuhara
Photos by ME
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