March 27, 2009

Senior '09 - Austin

Still working on this blog, but thought I would start posting here anyway since there is functionality, lol!!

Last weekend I did a senior shoot for an inspiring young, Nancy Porforio, is also a photographer, so Austin was quite used to being behind the lens, as well, ready for any adventure. And how do you get a young man like him, who is so surreal, to smile for film.... start talking about the gorgeous blonde he met on spring break last year. And he did great for the GQ looks, a NATURAL behind the lens!!!....thanks Austin....I had a blast doing your photo shoot!!!!! oh, although most of our adventure was spent trying to find an old chevy truck traveling what seemed like the entire north country, we finally found a few, but unfortunately they were found on private property. We did manage to at least get a shot with a truck in the background. So here is your sneak peek. See you both next Friday for your gallery premiere!!!!



Here is the photo where mom started discussing last year's Spring Break....go mom!!!

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