June 27, 2009

Help, we've been Quarantined!!!!

Sandy Puc created some awesome brushes and textures while quarantined in China for 7 days because of a passenger suspected with the Swine Flu while en route for her 3 week journey to China with her two children. One of the reasons for going to China was to do her daughter's senior portraits. Well, the series started at their lovely hotel in Shanghai. By all means it was no lap of luxury. The authentic grunge grouping includes, cigarette burned carpets, cracks in the walls, and filthy bathroom stains. They are available at www.samsworlduniversity.com and all of the proceeds will go to help orphans in China. These kids live like this everyday..... {Visit the Campus Store if your are not a member of Sam's University!!}

Used the following: The Quarantine Brush Set
Wall Stain 3 Texture
Fuse Box Texture
lch Designs, 20x20 sloppy borders

Poor Jack!! Yes, he did feel quarantined in his dragon outfit for Halloween this past year. I know that this would have been me if I were in Sam's place in China right now.

Hearts to you, Sam and your family!!!!
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