September 17, 2009

best friends forever...

Several of my Zeta sisters from college went on a weekend retreat. My Zeta sis, Raquel, is also practicing her techniques in photography and asked me to "restore" and "add some of my magic" to a couple of photos that she took while on her adventure. This photo happens to be my favorite out of all the ones she sent me. Not only do all the ladies looked relaxed and posed ( I would too after a day's worth of spa treatment), but the composition overall was just fun!!!! While performing the edits on this photo, one technique after another, I decided to try Coffee Shoppe's polaroid emulsion transfer technique. Warning...I did not read the directions, nor did I get the action to successfully run; however, I'm not afraid to play and that is what I did. For all of you...follow the directions...I am the second time around!!! and I'm anxiously awaiting for the 70's polaroid that my dad has stashed in his closet. Not sure of the model, but hey, I still could have some fun with it!!!

In the meantime, ladies, enjoy one of your sneak peeks, and for the rest of you....head on over to the Coffee Shoppe. Rita is great!!! (I will note that Rita and I have A LOT in common....we were both science geeks that became moms that became photographers!!! Small world!!)

SOOC taken by Raquel (or other since Raquel is in the photo)

An attempt of doing a pseudo polaroid emulsion transfer. Yes, more work needs to be done, but the storyboard/canvas came out cute!!!
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