March 4, 2010

random acts - Oakland Fire Department

The fire trucks were approaching Lake Merritt and the little boy with his fireman boats and "engine 12" fire coat ran to the scene to watch as the fire fighters and paramedics rescue another life. The little boy waited and waited ever so patiently for the job to be done, because all he wanted was a ride in the fire truck. The little boy had never been so close to a fire truck...the excitement was unbearable. But then the firemen and paramedics emerged from their heroic adventure only to see this little boy sporting their company.....Fire engine #12. Not only was the little boy filled with glee that finally he would get to go into the fire truck, the men of Company 12 were greeted by a little mascot. Because their work was done, the nature of the injury was not fatal, the little boy got his wish granted and got to sit in the fire truck. Thank you Oakland Fire Department for your random act of kindness!!! You made this little boy's day!!!!

As I was looking through the internet for the company's information, I stumbled upon their site: "Oakland Firefighters Random Acts"... although letting the little boy sit the firetruck was not an official "Random Act", it was indeed a true random act of kindness.

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