January 4, 2012

back to blogger. I don't know!!!!

2012....time for decisions and many are my list. The big decision will be on dropping the Mommy & Me Photography and going with my name for my photography business.  It may be time to stir things up in regards to brand recognition.  Too many detours with the name, Mommy & Me, and tired of the newbies out there taking the name.  God forbid if there is another Denise Marie Olson out there in the world taking photos.  If you are out there, please come forward now.   Other items on my to do list are are simplifying and cleaning my cyber house.  Just too many things to manage and I'm really having a hard time with WordPress right now due to the fact that I have to use a third party hosting site.  $$$.  My smugmug site will stay.  It has been very faithful with my archiving and proofing since I've purchased SmugVault.  Plus everything since the origination of my digital days are there.  So expect a lot of hiccups with my cyber space adventure.  This stuff doesn't come easy for me, but I need to learn.  Through it all, expect little words, lots of photos.

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