March 11, 2015

what not to say to a "stay at home mom."

4. "Isn't that bad for your career?"
"Why yes it is, and thank you so much for rubbing salt in that wound. When I left my job I was way ahead of the curve, highly successful and going places. Now, I might have trouble getting a job in my field at all. At some point when I choose to go back to work, I will have to fight and struggle to make up for lost time. I will be behind, inexperienced, and probably underpaid. It keeps me up at night on occasion, but the next day you will find me in the kitchen, with my kids, all day long."
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5 Things You Should Never Say to a Stay-at-Home Mom

Doing interviews just plain stinks. They are unforgiving to the moms that had to sacrafice being home. That is all. After ten years, I've came to the conclusion that seeing the corporate life will never ever happen again. And being in this small town, well, my choices are totally limited to one, maybe two companies.  But that is it!!!  Adult like conversations with my kids ends up as constant negotiations (which is WHY I HATE NEGOTIATING... so don't even try it with me). Lately, I feel successful just having the bed made before the kids go off to school, or taking a full shower with my hair done up and all!!! Yes, it stinks not getting a steady paycheck any more, or for that matter my own personal bank account. Trust me I cried when the hubbie said that we would be better off closing my account. However, just seeing that my kids are stable, cared for, and loved is what matters. No honey, I still like your cooking!!! So do the kids!! xoxo

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