January 7, 2008

Jack Jack's First Haircut

Designers credit: "Cool Dude" by Anna Aspen at www.designerdigitals.com

Jack Jack got his first haircut this weekend, and he loved it!!! Both Maddie and Jack Jack get their hair done at a salon called, "All About Me Kids Salon" located in Livermore, CA. Wonderful set up for kids haircuts. Jennifer, the store owner and hair designer, has a big screen playing any kind of kid movie you can think of; the kids get to sit in either an airplane or a car that has all the bells and whistles while getting their haircut. I have never had my children cry there (except when leaving). And Jack Jack now looks like a little boy. I can't help squeezing him and kissing him everytime I see him now. More photos can be enjoyed on my website: Jack Jack's First Haircut and Maddie Goes Posh

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