March 4, 2008

Photo Shoots from Last Holiday Season - Challenges of Being an On-Location Photographer

While being "mom with a camera", I realized that is virtually impossible to obtain studio shots of my children once they have learned the meaning of mobility. Besides the fact that I have no room in my house suitable for a studio set up, I've learned the advantages of natural light photography, and I'm still learning. To understand the different light temperatures during the course of the day. To appreciate the warmth & beauty of sunlight. Location, location, location and avoiding those harsh shadows. A challenge...yes indeed. Maybe that is why I like sports photography as well, especially night football games. I like taking photos that represent the true nature of a person or subject. But I also like role playing and getting out of reality. I do not just take an image; I like to transform images into pieces of art. Art that reflects mood, expression, feelings. Enjoy these photos of last season.....

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