October 22, 2008

Amazing finds around my home {my backyard..kitchen too!!}

Back by popular demand are my infamous stone cookie pan textures....plus I've added a bunch of other textures taken just my walking with my head down and looking through my camera. Amazing what you'll find :)
I also wanted to create something spooky to hang up on my wall for Halloween....nothing is more scary than what my daughter digs up in the backyard....

I took my "web" texture (featured in "My Backyard" texture collection) and created the illusion of punching....added grunginess, golden flares, contrast, textures and came up with a piece of art that is spooky yet quite elegant in its own way. Enjoy the textures. Free to use whereever, just don't resell them. Thank you!!!!

Mommy & Me Textures (available for only a limited time!!)

Plus I'm getting creative with the use of Design Aglow's Proof and Album borders (see in my previous post as well). Soooo cool are they...lovin' em big time!!! BTW, ... yes, I was the Denise Olson that won $150 from Design Aglow and man did I go shoppin'!!! and then some:) My customers are going to be sooooo lucky!!!!
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