October 8, 2008

A Minnesota Thunderstorm {my backyard}

While working very hard to get my personal stash of photos up to par, I was working on my trip to Minnesota taken this late summer. It was my grandmother's 90th birthday and almost every Aunt, Uncle and cousin and kids was present.....close to 50-75 people (that's immediate family!!!). Yes, we're farm raised(teasing my Uncle and Dad about the reason of our existence was for rock picking and pulling weeds from the bean and corn fields) and Catholic. But on one hot hot humid day, a thunderstorm started to develop. Looking above me while holding an ice cold Mojiito, and camera in hand I started taking photos instead of running for cover. You see, out here in Pleasanton, we haven't seen rain since March (well, we did have a small Pacific storm roll in last week, but that was a huge teaser...no thunder or lightning...darn). I just found the cloud formations stunning and amazing. Very relaxing and tranquil (except when an actually tornado develops...eeek...run for the cellar!!!) and yes, we did witness lots of rotation, but no funnels. Amazing. Enjoy the sneak peek....more photos of my Minnesota trip coming soon!!!


PS. I based one of my first layout designs from my GridIron Supremacy album by using this cloud formation as a brush and png file. Cool, huh? FREEBIES - go get 'em while they last!!!. Go check it out here: GridIron Supremacy FREEBIES 1
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