February 19, 2009

dandelion kisses.... COMING SOON!!!!

In addition to my blog, which by the way, will be changing soon too, I'll be creating a newsletter called, "dandelion Kisses" exclusive for my clients!! As part of a survey that was sent out a few weeks ago, one of the notions mentioned was to send out notices via email to get notified of upcoming photography events. The first one will be due out in March!! Stay tuned!!....

Plus, I've been working on my "Mommy's Closet" site...This site will soon be the new site for archiving all of Mommy & Me Photography's galleries - sports and portraits, detailed creations, and personal memoirs...it will become a secured site to ensure the privacy of my clients and my family. In addition, as part of my pricing packages, digital negatives will be an option. And for the convenience of my customers, I will have those photos ready for you to print through my online gallery (with only select packages). Go ahead and visit: www.mommyandmephotography.com and visit, "Mommy's Closet".

A new website, splash page, and blog are in the making for Mommy & Me Photography with the help of Kim Townsend of Kimtown&Co. {http://www.kimtown.com} and designer, Jessica Dittmer {http://www.jessicadittmer.com}. Cannot wait to launch all the marvels!!!

And finally, my sports will have a separate home: http://www.sportsstylephotography.com
....and will feature news and athlete highlights!!!. The galleries and pricing information for Sports Style will currently remain within Mommy's Closet for direct ordering and viewing.

dandelion kisses!!

{Designers Note: Thanks for the feedback everyone. A lot of people have been asking about the font title. It is called LD Cursive Flourish....currently on sale as part of a bundle on ScrapNFonts. This font was designed by Lettering Delights which provides the cutest fonts ever!! ...commercial license pending...}
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