August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nanny!!

My grandmother, also notably called, "Nanny" is 91 today. She still does crossword puzzles, plays bingo, and eats dinner at Jackpot Junction in Redwood Falls. We Love you, Nanny!!!

A photo showing my family tree. "Nanny" was born Annabelle Pape. She married, Kenneth Schmidt; had my dad and all his siblings. They lived on a farm outside of Milroy, MN raising cattle and all kinds of grain. Around the time my dad was 15, Kenneth died of a heart attack. "Nanny" was then introduced by a charming widower, Raymond Turbes, also known as Grandpa Ray to many of us. They spent a great deal of their time traveling...mainly down south to escape the cold harsh Minnesota winters. Nanny got her name by her first grandchild, Parris, who could not say, Annabelle. It came out "Nanny" and has stuck ever since. Even the great grandchildren call her "Nanny". Nanny was noted for her yummy chocolate chip cookies, homemade cherry pie {she did take the blue ribbon many times at the Redwood County Fair while growing up}, upside rhubarb cake, pie and sauces {oh sooo good} and all kinds of desserts. We never left the dinner table without dessert. Christmas was the best....all of us would get together {that included almost all the aunts and uncles - 7x2 - and all of my cousins} for dinner and presents. Our summers we spent up north at one of the many lakes in Minnesota with all of us.

photos restored...original digitals are lost...another project in my hands

This is all of us now {and most were not present!!}

photo taken August 2008

Nanny with her kids {except Aunt Janice who was not able to make it}

photo taken August 2008

To view more photos from Nanny's birthday last year on Uncle Butch's farm, visit my Family & Friends link HERE.

Happy Birthday Nanny!!
If you know Nanny, share your story!!!!
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