August 10, 2009


I've been following Jesh de Rox's work, well, since my serious beginning 3-4 years ago. So amazed by his inspiration and the expressions of his imagery. I did have the the honor to attend his workshop last year from today to be exact, alongside Jose Villa, and many other gifted artists who came to be inspired by love. Recently, Jesh had released a wonderful tutorial on the "ingredients" of his Colorshift Action set. I had purchased this action moments after release last year and my creative adventures have never seized. Here is an example of my work using Jesh's Colorshift Actions and Textures (separately purchased).


Colorshift "memory of a friend", "a winter sun", "mountain air" and "soft as a peach" added with lots of adventure and exploration:

Colorshift {same as above} plus textures "moon landing" and "thousand and one"...again with lots of adventure, exploration and beyond....:

Colorshift "Evening" with some adventure:

Colorshift "evening" with a mix of "a winter son" and "memory of a friend" plus more exploration and beyond:

Visit to get more information on Jesh's actions and textures.

enjoy and stay tuned for more of my post processing favs!!!!

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