April 2, 2010

Playdate anyone???

With the warm weather approaching, and for some us its already here, our little ones are begging to go to parks, the zoo, or just in our backyards to play, play, and play!! Playdates, and other spontaneous fun-filled adventures are a fun way to gain social interaction for our children. But have you ever been to the park, and your child makes friends with the other children... the other moms realize that you all get together more often, and you go to your purses rummaging through old receipts to use as paper to write down your contact information...only to realize that you don't have a pen either. Business people have business cards, high school seniors have 411 or rep cards....adults have calling cards...well, kids should have "mommy cards" {daddies too!!}...
These fun little cards are totally custom made. With this set, I had Tina Parker's - My Lil' Creations designing elements in mind from her adorable card sets, "Little Lady" and "Zack"....the inspiration is to create adorable little mommy cards, with matching cute greeting cards to announce the beginning of spring!!!

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