January 18, 2013

home for an early christmas.

I drove down December 14th all the way to West Liberty to pick him up to celebrate an early Christmas with us in Corning New York.  It was a lot of fun for all us.  Keith always likes a video playmate!!  LOL.

Jack Jack with his BIG brother Derrick.

Now 21, finally providing him with a belated "birthday" brew tasting.  Started at Ithaca Brewing Co. and ended at the Horseheads Brewery.

Jack Jack sampling some their of their "Roopy Roop".

Yes, he does eat when he get hungry.  Eat little man!!

Me and the family.  

Awe, my cute little ornament given to me by Sabra Wood, an artist that presented her pottery at the Spencer Hill Gallery during "State of Play"...more of that to come in a near future post.

Derrick with one of his gifts....a 5x7 250 photo custom canvas photo box (a product that is provided through my boutique studio!!) featuring all of his images from the 2012 West Liberty Hilltoppers football season.  But his favorite gift was "Zombie Island" for the XBOX.  

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