September 4, 2013

summer adventures at the lake...

This summer I had the opportunity to photograph a family wait....four generations of family up at Keuka Lake.  The little man was the highlight of my session...2 years old and ready to go!!!  And his big sister who has her hands full helping mom, but enjoyed posing for the camera.  The session was full of adventure capturing the family's moments at their cottage on the lake.  I even got a bonus!!  A boat ride up and down the lake!!!  Now if only I had a water housing for my camera..... enjoy the session!!  And here's to summers up at the lake!!
Got in some water the rain.  Loved it!!!

Four Generations of Family

We even had sisters and aunts visiting for the weekend.

Good day sunshine!!!  Feeding the ducks Duncun donuts.

Meet "little man"....  what a ham!!! Loves to drive.  He did great for the camera.

Meet "big sis".... full of life and loves to dance!

Meet mom - aspiring writer, teacher, mom, wife, gorgeous....

Meet dad - dock builder on Keuka Lake (you know those glorious boat houses on the lake), wonderful dad and husband, loves to drive water transportation.

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