January 12, 2008

Scrapping for the LUPUS Foundation of America

Check out the January Songbird Avenue kit, "Wild & Fancy Free", a collaboration between Shabby Miss Jen, Jan Crowley, and Meredith Fenwick. Gorgeous, and all proceeds go to the Lupus Foundation of America. I would have never found this without subscribing to Jessica Sprague's Photoshop Friday.

Why the significance? My mother had Lupus (the little baby featured on my layout); she passed last March for reasons unknown...whether it was directly linked to her degrading condition caused by Lupus or other complications. Two of her sisters also have Lupus. The one is doing OK and has been on treatment for quite some time. But it has been hard for her. The other sister was just diagnosed and will be beginning her struggle. I was recently tested, and fortunately was negative for the antibody. When I stumbled upon this kit, I was brought to tears. When my mother passed, I obtained all the photos that she had stored in her home. I had scanned them and gave my sister the hard copies for safe keeping in case anything were to happen to me. I've been searching for a kit that I could use to create my heritage album, but could not find one that said, "this is one." Until I was introduced to the Songbird Avenue kit. I was very excited about this kit. Not only is it benefiting a cause, but now my heritage album will have true meaning. Thank you, Songbird Avenue!!!

You can view the makings of my family's heritage album on my website: The Dudgeon Family Heritage Album
It will be one of my major restoration projects. Thanks for taking a look!

I hope that you enjoy this kit as much as I do. It is only available for donating to the LUPUS Foundation through the month of January. So please, go take a look and consider your donation today.
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