July 3, 2008

No more sessions after August 31st.....

Due to personal circumstances I will not be taking any sessions after August 31st. I plan on resuming business after the first of the year. For all those with current sessions booked or in process, your sessions will be fulfilled. As well all order processing will continue. For current customers with previous sessions, I ask that you fulfill your orders by this time. Thank you!!!!

My free lance sports photography business will continue :) So let me know if you have little ones in need of getting their action captured!!


Additional Comments: Alright, a lot of questions have rose as a result of this post. Sorry everyone!! No, business is not shutting down. I promise. As a mother pursuing a photography career full time, we become faced with a lot of balancing acts. And I for one will admit that, I, am no "superMOM". With the upcoming Senior year and my son's football season beginning, I need to take the time to devote my wonderful talents on him!!! and to provide the needed wife and mommy time to my hubbie and little ones. I'll be traveling a lot to West Virginia this fall to do his senior photos, to capture his last high school football season, and all that other stuff that "this is my last year high school" routine brings. Also, I'll be needing to help him and his dad in the recruiting process (of course his dad will be doing the football thing, and I need to make sure that the school is academically sound, if you know what I mean??? making sure that this is not going to be a Paid 4 year vacation.) So, I just need to step back to ensure that my family is being taken care. In the meantime, I'll be brewing up some awesome products for my customers, and ideas for all my photographer friends. Stay tuned, keep in touch, I will still be posting business as usual. Thanks for all the kind words and support. Sooooo appreciated!!!

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