July 6, 2008

Winners of the Alameda County Fair.....

Went to the fair on the 4th of July to get my corn dog fix...a couple of maragheritas, and a huge cupcake!!! Yummy. But also to view the other winners of the Photograhy contest.....It was neat to get my name published!!! Yeah..... There were a lot of great photographs, so cheers to everyone that participated....

And here are the winners:

Look under the Honorable Mention, and I'm down there.... :)

Judging this year was: Donald James Cameron, Maxwell Crumley, and John McNamara. Thank you!!!

.....and spent the rest of the time at the horse races....LOST!! every race :( oh well, ....last year I won every race including the races at Hollywood Downs!! So, can't be a winner all the time!!!!
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