July 24, 2008

Time to ReBuild.....

I'm rebuilding and finding "me" time. With the help of Jerry R, I'm planning on transforming my website from a smugmugish look to a more "me" look!!! Jerry has been very patient with me because I'm gone all the time doing my "me" stuff, but plan on something different by year end!! Thanks Jerry!! Yes, I've looked at Flash Palette and Blu Domain, but my wine cellar will run dry if I keep trying to figure out html and all that other stuff. I also have a very hard time choosing my own photos for portfolios (poor Jesh is still waiting for his for the workshop that I'm attending...it's coming I promise!!!). So if you find any favorites, give me a shoot!!

My "me" time started last week by visiting family in Groton, MA. Gorgeous weather and the kids had a blast (photos to come soon!!)...now I'm getting ready to venture to by God West Virginia to visit my son, Derrick to do his Senior Photos. Cannot wait. He will be totally sick of the camera by the time we are done. Then I fly to Minnesota to visit my grandma, Nanny, for her 90th birthday!!! What a wonderful lady and always gave me the best advice. I cannot wait to see her...in addition to the hundreds of other family members that will be meeting there too. And the fun doesn't stop....once I return to the Bay Area, I'll get to hang out with Jesh de Rox and Jose Villa for Jesh's Life (as an artform) workshop. So I'm diligently preparing for my mentor sessions, yet my mind is racing with tons of ideas....where do I begin????

Life is good....take advantage of the good moments so that the bad moments really won't feel that bad. :)

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