September 4, 2008

Dreams of being a Princess... {my backyard}

Lit'l Miss Maddie Moo loves playing princess, and of course at the ripe ol' age of three she really thinks she is "Princess". So, we always pick out our Halloween customs early in the Olson household and she picked out this princess dress from the Chasing Fireflies catalog. Love this store...not only for the clothes but for the photographic ideas!!! Gorgeous....of course Jack Jack will be her ever beholder, the fearful dragon. So, no problem.......well, the price was $$$....come on now, $68 for a playdress. Sorry Maddie. I think your Cinderella dress will do just fine. But last week, I had my 10% Target card that had to be used before it expired and by golly in the toy alley I saw her dress!!!!! and for half the price. I grabbed it, along with the crown, the wand, the shoes......oh did I mention that there were other dresses too that I grabbed. What the hey, photo props!!!! I grabbed 4 styles, so now we have about 10 different princess dresses in Maddie's closet (thanks to Meme for contributing too - and boy she wears those religiously and even shares with her friend, Katie). Just can't get enough!!!


PS. Moms with lit'l girls, get your dresses fast....Moms like me are buying like crazy!! :)
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