December 4, 2008

oh, why is being 2 so hard??? {families}

I had another family holiday session a week ago with friends, and lit'l E wanted nothing to do with the lady holding the camera (me!!)...lollipops, bribes, throwing rocks....nothing made lit'l E happy. I even offered him my way. Even Curious George wasn't going to save the day...until mom offered him a brand new red matchbox car...however, the toystore was not in the woods. So we packed up our stuff and hurried to downtown to get the toy. We had about 15-20minutes of sun before it would it go down behind the ridge. So time was ticking...could I do it? Heck yeah, at 6 frames per second, we were going to get the shots. So near downtown, we stopped at one of E's favorite parks and voila....smiles everyone SMILES...that's all it takes is putting a child in their comfort zone (I guess the dirt path with deer, wild turkeys and rabbits was just not cutting it that day). So mom, dad, here is your peek. enjoy!!!

Before the little red car:

After the little red car:

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