September 30, 2011


Wow, did not realize that the last time I blogged was April, right before our move.  Well, we are here in Corning NY and needless to say, still getting settled.  However, still working hard.  Setting up the business here in New York, slowly establishing a studio space (you would think with my new house there would be at least one room that I can call my; but I do have a fab office now!!  With a door!!).  Until then I love the adventure of the outdoors and other indoor establishments.

Well on another note, my collaborative work was published as an ad for in the July issue of "Dance Studio Life" .  Spear heading the ad project, President and owner of, Paul Henderson, and graphic designer, Arden Waters, approached me in choosing the appropriate photos for the ad and wanted to use the illustrative features of the  StoryBook Look ® Art by Jessica Dittmer, that I collaboratively offer to my dance and session clients.  The ideas were discussed and with Jessica's final artistic touches to the image, we came up with a unique look for the ad.

On display in the ad:

And the original artwork as artistically rendered by Jessica Dittmer:

©2011 Mommy & Me Photography in collaboration with artist Jessica Dittmer- Storybook Look® Art

(You can find more of the collaborative artwork under my category, "Children at Play"...stay tuned in the coming months for more art displays)


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